Specialized Training & Seminars

Make a Long-Term Investment in Your Team

  • One of the best ways to keep your employees informed about current funeral service market trends is to participate in one of our specialized training programs.
  • We can teach your team the best ways to present your funeral рге-need and insurance plans. Plus it's a great way to broaden your organization's knowledge base and skill set.
  • afpHORIZON also trains you and your counselors to conduct local funeral pre-planning presentations for your senior community and other groups.
  • These informative sessions are another means to reach your potential customer base. 
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Grubbs-Loyd Funeral Home takes great pleasure in being associated with afpHORIZON. We have been transacting business with AFP Horizon for fifteen years. Mr. Terry Woodall II has provided excellent service to our funeral homes during those years. The extra effort put forth by afpHORIZON has extended our after care client base as well as bringing assets to our pre-need portfolio in ways we could never have imagined. The contacts they make, on their own, in our community helps those who live here see the graciousness of our funeral home. They go beyond the norm to make contacts and to keep us informed of new business ideas with all the companies they represent. If there is a problem, they can solve it. We rely on them for weekly function and are confident that we can contact them on a moment's notice. We are proud to say they have always strived to please and care for us, therefore making our job easier and adding status to our company.

Grubbs-Loyd Funeral Home, Gilmer, Texas