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What Does Your Community Think About Your Funeral Home?

Are you ready for your funeral home to step out in your market space in a big way?

If so, you now have a way to take the bull by the horns and get serious about conveying to your prospective families who you are, what you do, and your funeral home's caring culture with afpHorizon's marketing and advertising innovations.

  • We can show you the marketing road map for everything your funeral home needs to do to keep you on track with where you want to take your funeral home business for the long term.
  • We know how to reach your prospective families with the right branded messaging!
  • How Funeral Homes brand themselves and generate leads in this fast changing environment takes smart new ways of thinking and we can structure a customized plan for your Funeral Home.



We have been doing business with afpHORIZON for over twelve years. The support we have received from the AFP team has allowed us to successfully integrate and maintain a pre-need program that helps us out-compete other funeral homes in our market.

Croley Funeral Home, Gilmer, Texas