Professional Marketing Services

afpHorizon Funeral Home Partners Have Access To Their Own Marketing Agency.

afpHorizon has teamed with Lamb Creek, Inc., a marketing and advertising agency with over 45 years of experience.

As an an afpHorizon Funeral Home partner you will have unlimited access to experts who will plan and execute a marketing and advertising program that fits your budget and market space. 

As a partner Funeral Home you will get this service at a price way below standard market cost.

Lamb Creek will utilize top-end, emotive creative and smart media tactics to reach prospective families in your Funeral Home communities. 


Meet The Lamb Creek Team



We have been doing business with afpHORIZON for over twelve years. The support we have received from the AFP team has allowed us to successfully integrate and maintain a pre-need program that helps us out-compete other funeral homes in our market.

Croley Funeral Home, Gilmer, Texas